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I have created The Weekly as a regular round up on what inspires me in interior design, art and architecture. You can expect trade and art news as well as exhibitions information, podcasts, books or shows I’m finding on trend. There will be tips on shopping and sale alerts, mostly on interiors, and why not on fashion too !!

We all live in the fast pacing world and it is easy to get lost or feeling overwhelmed while trying to choose on what to focus your time. For that reason, The Weekly always has only five things to draw your attention. Just enough to give you inspiring informations, new ideas and perspective.

Enjoy reading!


Hello from Canberra! It’s been a full week of lockdown. The city has gone horribly quiet, the streets are empty, and I often have a feeling time has stopped. Like in a bad catastrophic movie. We have been asked to stay at home at all times except for the essential shopping, medical emergencies and for just an hour of exercise outside, preferably in the neighbourhood. Our kids’ school has been well prepared for this and there wasn’t a transitional period. They have a full school day online routine, going from 9am to 3 pm, every day.  It’s good for them to meet with their peers, even if it is on a zoom session to talk, laugh, and learn together. My daughter even played trumpet for her friends, it was hilarious. But working from home and mentoring our kids is not a joke. We have decided to take one day at a time, with no high expectations and handling ourselves gently. We might gain some weight though with the endless snacking, and both of us are constantly cooking up some delicious recipes we have never even had time to try before. 

What recharges me, is now beyond my reach. So I’ve been updating my list of places I hope to visit soon, galleries, design stores, new restaurants or white sand beaches. Stay here with me, and check out my favourite 5 distractions of the week. 

  1. ART | YAYOI KUSAMA If you still haven’t heard of Yayoi Kusama, she’s a  Japanese contemporary artist and one of the most popular and influential artists in the world. Her immersive installations are a ‘must see’ experience with two comprehensive retrospectives currently trending in New York and London.  KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature is  currently on display at The New York Botanical Garden until October 31, 2021, and Tate Modern, London, is presenting Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms until June 12, 2022. I also invite you to check out my instagram reels, I made one of her installation ‘THE SPIRITS OF THE PUMPKINS DESCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS’ in the National Gallery of Australia.

2. NEW EATERY | in Paris. With so many restaurants to choose from, why this one? I love beautifully designed restaurant. I often choose one not just for a quality of menu but the overall experience, especially interiors. Café Lapérouse, has it all. It’s located on the north side of Place de la Concorde, within the Hôtel de la Marine. The interiors, designed by Cordelia de Castellane (the creative director of Dior kids and Dior Maison) carefully considered every detail of the decor. All the elements were made by French craftsmen, from the bar to the seats, including the woodwork and ceramics. Many other elements were found on flea markets, like  tables, Cordovan leathers or Baccarat chandeliers. The space has a suitably nautical theme (the count of Lapérouse, an important historical figure, was a French naval officer and explorer, whose ship disappeared in a shipwreck in the south Pacific in 1788.). A beautiful wallpaper mural of tropical fauna, de Castellane drawn by herself as well as sketched the restaurant’s ceramics. This personal touch is something of a great value, giving the special atmosphere to the place and lifting your  experience. And make your day just beautiful.

3. TECH | If you are like me and hate drinking cold coffee or tea, this is the gadget for you. I recently read an article on the things that have transformed our lives in the last year. The Ember Cup, temperature control smart mug, made it on the list. Not a surprise at all. I probably don’t need another thing with a charger but I do sip my coffee very slowly in the morning, slowly enough to finish it while cold and tasteless. What are your thoughts on gadgets like this? 

4. ITALIAN BRAND TO LOVE  to all of you admiring beautiful product design and not on expense of quality, this one is for you. Something you’d love to have on your vanity table or a bathroom shelf. The story of The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella can trace its roots back to the Florence  in 1221. When Dominican friars founded the convent of Santa Maria Novella, they began to cultivate – among other things – a vegetable garden. The world of cosmetics, fragrances and wellness products have been born over centuries of experience in natural ways of their preparation. A real gem in the world of cosmetics.

5. SALE ALERT ! If you are in need of a little retail therapy, Amara still runs sale on furniture, decoration, dining and more! I love this &Tradition Shuffle Side Table, inspired by childhood memories of wooden stacking toys. Crafted from solid wood, it combines various colours and shapes and sizes. It can be constructed in different variations allowing you to decide the shape, colour and height of the table. A true example of the Nordic approach to democratic design, the Shuffle side table will make a style statement wherever it’s placed. 

With love,


Half Year Notes

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2021 already. How did the first six months work out for you? Before the pandemic, being halfway through the year would usually be a good time to evaluate on your New Years’s resolutions. Then kindly forgiving yourself that many of them didn’t actually live through to the end of February. However, I believe many of us stepped into 2021 without any particular decisions, but with only shy optimism about the future. We are all trying to hold on to pieces of normality and hoping the uncertainty will end soon. Have you received your covid vaccine?

Australia has marked this week in lockdown. Many new cases have emerged and we were facing outbreaks in almost all the states. Even Canberra has introduced wearing masks, making it the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The timing is terrible, because it is the first week of our school winter holidays. All travel plans have changed and most diplomatic events have been canceled. For me, it is actually not that bad after all,  I have a bit more time for my interior school work, and to add some more posts for you guys to read. 

1. When you think of Scandinavian design, it is all about light and airy spaces with simple lines, minimalistic but functional furniture without sacrificing beauty. If you are a Scandinavian design lover then you probably already know Kristina Dam‘s work. I’ve recently discovered her collections of furniture and fell in love with sculptural and timeless pieces. Defined as sculptural minimalism this is in every way pure nordic design style, honouring durable materials, soft colours and understated elegance. I particularly like the Modernist Collection, but enjoy exploring all furniture and decoration collections here.  

2. A couple of years ago, me and my husband spent our wedding anniversary in Jordan. It was one of those trips when everything goes just as planned, with a bit of magic dust on top of it. Jordan is spectacular. We visited the ancient city of Petra and spent a fairytale night in the Wadi Rum desert in a futuristic beduin hotel. We finished our trip on the coast of the Dead Sea. What we experienced isn’t even close to all of the wonders Jordan has to offer. I will put together a travelogue from my memories for everyone asking me where to start exploring this beautiful country. To tickle your travel bug even more, check out the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp hotel, nested in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert. I can’t wait to visit, this time with the kids, because it’s an experience of a lifetime.

3. SALE Alert !! July is the month of sales. If you are in search for a furniture piece, home decoration or to refresh your tableware collection, now is the time to check out Amara, a Finnish design store, Bo Concept or Kartell. As I said many times before, never compromise with quality, or buying copycats. These will never stand the test of time.

4. Every now and then you can find a cosmetic brand visually different to any other. It is so beautiful, you just want to have it on your vanity table. Or making it a quite elegant and unique gift. Highly decorative and desirable soaps, scented oils, candles, toothpastes, perfumes and grooming accessories in the mode of a nineteenth-century apothecary from Paris. L’Officine Universelle Buly 1803 is a heritage brand repackaged for the 21st century. The man behind this French apothecary beauty label is Ramdane Touhami, well known for rebranding Cire Trudon. About L’Officine he said “We’re the opposite of cool, we don’t want to be cool. We’re classic.” 

5. This is not your ordinary travel book. Assouline’s Travel by Design, beside providing essential travel tips, is visually so irresistible that it instantly triggers dreams of escape. From exotic destinations, cityscapes, ancient civilisations, luxurious resorts, to stunning natural wonders, all seen through the discerning and artistic eyes of today’s leading creative talents. Moreover, this is not just another inspirational travel guide but the book you’d love to have on your coffee table, for an everyday daydream.


Favourite 5 distractions of the week

Autumn is easily the most beautiful season in Canberra. Nestled in a valley and surrounded by national parks, the city is now overflown in warm hues. Mornings are already crisp and foggy but I don’t mind as long as we get sunny days. Suprisingly, the winter chill has come earlier this year, forcing me to unpack my warm clothes. In fact, as I sit down to write this, I can hardly believe this will be our third winter in Australia. Time really flies, so our weeks are shorter than ever, with our daily program always packed, the kid’s schedule included. I wouldn’t like it any other way but I do enjoy some scarce distractions during the week. Like something that’s not a part of my ‘to do’ list. Just small things to fill my soul.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and let me know if any of inspirations below resonate with you!

1. Coming out Friday, “The Me You Can’t See” is a five-part docuseries about mental health awareness, hosted by Oprah Winfrey and The Duke of Sussex. A documentary features testimonies of ordinary people and celebrities who have dealt with mental health challenges. The show joins an ongoing mental health debate, helping us to dismantle stigma around it and recognise the trauma we hold in ourselves or others. It is on my list and I’m hoping to watch it this weekend. Have you seen it? What ’s your impression?

2. You all know how I love the Fornasetti aesthetic, they are iconic in their eclectic and provocative style. The new collaboration with Louis Vuitton has pushed the brand forward into the world of fashion. A selection of bags from the new capsule collection includes new designs as well as reinterpretations of iconic models. Reflecting historical imagery, while combining Fornasetti’s artistic world with Nicolas Ghesquière’s contemporary design. Fornasetti & LV takes you time-travelling back to the Greco-Roman period. 

3. If you happen to be in Sydney, between 15th of May – 14th of June 2021, don’t miss the WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2021 Exhibition in The State Library of New South Wales. I was lucky to visit last weekend and I’m still under a strong impression of some of the most stunning images I have ever seen. Photographers from all around the world, have captured the year of the covid pandemic, social unrests, natural disasters, challenging personal stories or gender confrontations. They all are a reminder how photography can be inspiring and important keeper of our reality. If you can not visit the exhibition in person, the winning photographies are also available online, here.

4. The Finnish Design Shop is currently running several sale campaigns including one with my favourite brands, Gubi. Making a compromise with quality has never been my thing but I also like to guard the home budget so these kind of sales allow me to get pieces I’ve wanted for a long time for less. They also have a clearance sale of up to 40% for brands like Kartell, Hay, Muuto, and Normann Copenhagen. A dream shopping for anyone hunting for minimalistic pieces or Scandinavian design lovers.

5. Do you love Diptique candles as much as I do? Mostly known for their luxurious range of fragrances and candles, the company started their journey as a home goods brand in the 60’s. This year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary, they have launched a new home collection inspired by some of their first designs. Go check them out and dress your table up with new plates, mugs, ceramics, and glass items inspired by long Mediterranean summer days and al fresco dining. I miss European summers so much, especially now when a cold winter is knocking on our doors.


Easter week and the quarantine days

Easter week and the quarantine days

Happy Easter Friday! It is our second week of self isolation and I have a feeling I’ll need at least one more to have a good rest. If you’ve ever been in strict quarantine, you know there’s no escape, you’re stuck. In our case, for two whole weeks, which I was expecting to be long and tedious. However, there are still things that can go wrong and become a handful . After jet-lag knocked me out for almost a week, our son got a high fever and sore throat (just the good old hand-foot and mouth disease). At the same time, we were quickly mastering time management for all online school activities. My little tribe has proved to come up with layers of everlasting fun and mischief. Don’t be fooled, there’s no such a thing as perfect recipe to survive 14 confined days. Netflix and AppleTv also hold a share in our success. On my part, I’ve been escaping to the interior world through podcasts, magazines and documentaries.

Here you can find my favourite distractions of the week.

1. Speaking of inspiration, you’ll find me exploring the Banda Property instagram quite often. They create carefully designed homes mostly in London and the States. If you want to know what’s trending in the world of interiors or love the idea of  ‘design for living’ spaces, go check them out. Even if this doesn’t fit your personal style or your budget, there is always a thing or two to take as inspiration. The founder, Edo Mapellli Mozzi, has made his own name in the world of property development and architectural design, but for those interested in British Royal family, you might know him as the husband of Princess Beatrice of York.

2. Self isolation means no trips to the gym. It would be smart to move more than just from one sofa to another but I haven’t shown any particular intention to workout. Still, I found some insanely good looking fitness gear I’d love to include in my home gym. Like these marble dumbbells by Addition Studio. If you don’t have designated place for your gym accessories, make them part of the space. When not using them, let them be a decoration piece, not just a dust collector or a clothing hanger.

3. I’ve been listening The Great Indoors podcast for quite some time now. Two great ladies, Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth, both well known in the world of interior design, are talking ‘all things interiors and everything you need to know about making your house a home’. Moreover, their insight into real life interiors and top trends are usually followed with hot tips and often hilarious comments. Lots of fun guaranteed, find it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

4. I noticed, the only clothes I have worn for the last week or so have been light, cashmere sets or tracksuits. In my regular life, you won’t see me wearing tracksuits often so choosing the right one has always been a shopping challenge. I’ve loved Sir the label even before they included their sweats collection. I’ll give them a try, in ivory or camel.

5. IBride set of six stackable bowls. Say no more. I’m always in quest of new decorating pieces or interesting details for our home (or for someone else’s for that matter). Much before these Ming bowls I was looking for their famous animal inspired trays. I got mine from Amara but I guess it is much easier to get them in Europe, directly from the IBride web page.

Our Easter celebrations will be more about food this year, the kids are so excited to taste some new recipes we discovered during quarantine days. And we got so much chocolate from our super caring friends. 

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend!